Zelensky thanks US for support during meeting with top officials in Kyiv


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U.S. pledges more support, diplomat return to Kyiv

STORY: “When it comes to Russia’s war aims, Russia is failing, Ukraine is succeeding. Russia has sought as his principal aim to totally subjugate Ukraine, to take away its sovereignty, to take away its independence. That has failed,” Blinken told a briefing in Poland on Monday (April 25) after the two officials returned from the meeting.The visit was designed to show Western support for Ukraine and the cabinet secretaries also pledged new aid worth $713 million for Zelenskiy’s government and countries in the region, where Russia’s invasion has raised fears of further aggression by Moscow. Russia calls its actions in Ukraine a “special military operation”.It also highlighted the shift in the conflict since Ukrainian forces, armed with a massive influx of weapons from the West, successfully repelled a Russian assault on Kyiv.Russian forces have regrouped to try to capture more territory in the southeastern Donbas region, letting foreign leaders visit the capital and some Western nations resume their diplomatic presence in recent weeks, but Washington has been cautious about a return amid sporadic Russian missile attacks.