HUT 22 brings back the classic mode, and our NHL 22 Ultimate Team Beginner’s Guide is here for new and old players.

We have all the details you need in this NHL 22 Ultimate Team Guide so you can put together a team of absolute legends.

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NHL 22: Hockey Ultimate Team Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Like Ultimate Team modes in other games, HUT 22 is centralized on collecting cards from past and present players to create a dream team.

You must work your way through a variety of game modes and different challenges in the NHL 22 Ultimate Team to work toward earning more cards.

HUT CENTRAL: This is where you start every time you open Ultimate Team

You will earn HUT coins and NHL points in a variety of ways, which will eventually be used to buy new cards in the auction house or new packs that you can open in hopes of drawing a great card.

HUT 22 Game modes: Online and offline

There are many different ways to play in the NHL 22 Ultimate Team, but the biggest difference is whether you will find yourself playing offline or online.

Offline modes pose you against the CPU in various difficulties, while online modes will find you in battle against another NHL 22 player.

HUT Rush (5v5, 3v3 or three)

HUT Rush is both an offline and online mode located on the HUT Central hub and you will choose to play a 5v5 game, 3v3 game or Threes game.

ONTARIO: Check the OHL Draft mode in HUT Rush 5v5 before it’s gone

Each will challenge you to draw up a team of cards and players that you do not own, which can help level the playing field early for players who still do not have a strong HUT 22 team.

Right now, the 3v3 mode is X-Factor Rush with an emphasis on new Superstar X-Factor players. The 5v5 mode is OHL Draft and the final is Threes.

Threes, which operates in HUT Rush with the same relaxed set of rules that you find by playing NHL Threes outside of Ultimate Team, is currently making a themed Mascot Training Camp.

GRITTY’S TIME: Mick E. Moose is also one of the many mascots you can choose from

So far, HUT Rush Threes allows you to draw three mascots and you will be able to fight other mascots on the ice.

It is not known the exact frequency with which HUT Rush modes will change, but they will expire and will be updated with new ways to challenge yourself over time.

HUT Squad Battles

HUT Squad Battles take place offline, but you have to fight against other squads created by HUT 22 players.

If you want to get a feel for some of the teams you might be up against when playing online while temporarily removing some of that challenge, HUT Squad Battles is a great way to do that.

HUT challenges

HUT Challenges are unique scenarios with a specific difficulty level and time limit, where you are challenged to complete a series of goals in the game.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: You will need to reach your goals to move forward

Sometimes you have to score a certain number of goals or get some big hits, and HUT challenges tend to be layered where you have to complete one to unlock the next.

Exhibition games

While listed on the Single Player tab of the NHL 22 Ultimate Team, you can play online or offline with a show game.

You can either put yourself against the computer, a great way to test your current team, or play online co-op and stay with a friend.

HUT Rivals & HUT Champions

The two core online HUT 22 game modes are interconnected as you must have first quality HUT Rivals to get to HUT Champions.

BEST OF THE BEST: Prove yourself as an elite in the HUT Champions

HUT Rivals will rank you after a series of matches and then try to set you against others in your same division and with a similar skill level.

Based on your performance in HUT Rivals, it will determine if you qualify for HUT Champions and can try to prove yourself as one of the best HUT players in the world.

HUT Dimensions

No matter which of the many HUT 22 game modes you play in, one thing you will always want to work towards is the completion of HUT goals.

These challenges tend to be completed over several games, and completing one will usually give you a fairly solid amount of HUT coins.

RACK EM UP: Get all the rewards you can with Objectives

If you are just starting out, be sure to take the guidance goals, which only require you to click on each goal to read a brief guide on that aspect of HUT 22.

Earning coins and points

You will earn HUT coins that you can use on cards and packs that do pretty much anything in the NHL 22 Ultimate Team.

When you play the various game modes in the Hockey Ultimate Team, you will receive coins after completing each game and often get more for a better performance.

NHL points are only earned by buying them in your game store with real-world money, and you can then use them in the game to purchase packs.

Purchase of packages and use of the auction house

While you will earn many packages just by playing the NHL 22 Ultimate Team, earning them as rewards and occasionally getting a free reward, you can also purchase them.

CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE: Sometimes they pay, but sometimes they will not

By using coins or points you can buy packages in the shop inside HUT 22, but keep in mind that this is always a risk and the package you buy can be a dud.

You can instead choose to use your coins in the auction house, where you will search for specific players and cards and bid or buy the exact card, which removes the uncertainty from the situation.

Complete set

One of the bigger goals you have in HUT 22 is to complete sets of cards that allow you to swap them for more packs that could hold even more powerful cards.

LET’S MAKE AN AGREEMENT: Swap enough players and you can get something special

Keep in mind that any cards you use to complete a set will be destroyed and no longer for your use, so do not change anything that is too valuable than you could have done more in your lineup.

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