With less than seven minutes to go, Maryland’s men’s basketball lost 71-63 to Richmond. The Terps moved the ball around the arch and kicked it out to junior guard Donta Scott. The Philadelphia native sank the eight three of the Terps’ game, leading to a 17-3 run for the Terps that would last more than five minutes.

Back-to-back layups of graduate guard Fatts Russell and junior guard Hakim Hart brought the Terps within one. A successful free throw from Richmond gave it a 72-70 lead and from there, Maryland looked for some big play to give it the lead.

Less than a minute later, Hart hit his fourth shot from deep to give Maryland its first lead since it was 22-21 ahead with seven minutes left in the top half.

The Terps kept pushing and were able to send Richmond into a scoring drought. Center Qudus Wahab got a couple of free throws and a jumper and moments later Russell hit a three in the last two minutes of the game to keep the game under control.

Richmond narrowed the gap to just two points with under 30 seconds to go, but Maryland held out and walked away with the 86-80 win in the Baha Mar Hoops event in the Bahamas.

Maryland started slow again, missing the first shot of the game when the Spiders got to the board first with a jumper.

The Terps played from behind, as the two teams exchanged buckets in the first three minutes of the game. With less than 16 minutes to go, the Terps trailed 11-6 with all six points for the Terps coming from senior guard Eric Ayala.

Heading into the first media timeout, the Spiders outpaced the Terps, taking 71% of their shots, while the Terps only hit 43%.

Outside of timeout, Maryland’s battle went on deep as Scott missed the Terps’ second try three of the game.

Maryland slowly began to narrow the Spiders’ lead thanks to some free throws from Wahab and a play from Hart that turned the defense into an attack. The junior guard stole the ball away from Richmond, went downhill himself and finished the job with a dunk to close the lead, 11-10.

The Spiders answered back, but Ayala remained a dominant force on the field, racking up eight points as she shot 100% from the field and with less than 12 minutes to go.

After it appeared Maryland’s attack was heating up, the Spiders enforced a nearly four-minute goal drought, with the Terps missing five straight field goals, including Ayala’s first miss of the night from behind the arch.

The Terps’ firing problems from the deep continued as they hit zero of their five shots from behind the arch, as Richmond’s attack continued to go on and it went on a 6-0 run that lasted nearly three minutes.

Maryland broke the drought with back-to-back free throws from Wahab to narrow Richmond’s lead to three points. Moments later, Wahab went 1-for-1 off the line to bring Maryland inside two, but Maryland grabbed the rebound on Wahab’s miss. The Terps kicked the ball to Hart, who sunk a three to give the Terps the lead by one.

Richmond immediately responded to retake the lead and the two teams began swapping baskets. With less than six minutes left in the top half, the Spiders held a lead over the Terps, 26-24.

Outside the timeout, Scott made a massive defensive stop with a block, but Maryland couldn’t convert the opportunity into points when striker Julian Reese turned the ball around. Moments later, Scott got an error and hit both free throws to tie the game, but again, Richmond had the answer. The Spiders hit a three and a layup to lift the score, 31-26.

With four minutes to go, the Terps had made just nine of their 26 shots and only one of their six from deep. Maryland was able to take points from the charity streak when it shot 7-for-8 from the line. Richmond, on the other hand, shot 48% from the field and 43% from the depth.

Maryland continued to make the most of its turnovers, as it made three in under three minutes, as it was again on a two-and-a-half-minute scoring drought. A Richmond layup as part of a 10-0 run put the Spiders, 36-26, over the Terps, forcing Maryland to time out.

Though Ayala interrupted the scoring drought with a shot from deep, Richmond kept piling it up as the Terps went into the locker room at halftime, 41-32.

In the second half, Richmond held onto the lead early on as turnovers continued to plague Maryland’s attack. However, shortly after Russell turned the ball while looking for Wahab under the basket, he stole the ball on the other side of the field. Russell took it to Hart, who lowered the basket to narrow Richmond’s lead to seven and quickly shift the momentum for the Terps.

A minute later, Hart brought de Terps closer to stealing the lead again with a successful pair of free throws.

An alley-oop from Russell to Scott brought the Terps within three and a dunk from Wahab moments later with about 15 minutes to go closed the score at 46-45.

Maryland’s push on the defense paid off as they forced three turnovers in the space of two and a half minutes while going in an 11-1 run that lasted over three minutes.

But outside the time-out, the tide turns again. The Spiders responded by answering with a 6-0 run of their own in under a minute, forcing the Terps to time out.

Successive baskets in the paint of freshman forward Julian Reese, Scott and Hart once again brought the Terps close to stealing the lead, but Richmond thought it was and narrowed the lead to three.

Fouls on guard Xavier Green and a technical foul on Maryland led to a series of free throws for Richmond, who took a seven-point lead. The Terps continued to backtrack and Hart’s third three of the night put Maryland within one point.

But again, as the Terps got closer to retaking the lead, they made a mistake on the Spiders as they continued to increase their advantage.

However, with seven minutes to go, Scott’s three led to a 17-3 run that lasted more than five minutes towards the end of the game. Maryland rounded out Richmond and won with six to advance to 5-1 on the season.

Three things to know

1. Maryland keeps coming out slow while its opponents don’t. For the fourth time this season, the Terps entered the locker room during halftime. Maryland had no answer to Richmond’s 12-0 run late in the first half, letting the ball move across the field seemingly effortlessly to create scoring opportunities. While Maryland was able to clear the first half deficit later in the game, it will become increasingly challenging to come back from major deficits at halftime.

2. Maryland’s bank had an unusually quiet night. At the end of the first half, Terps’ bankers, consisting of Reese, Green and Martinez, were unable to get on the board for the Terps. Reese and Green grabbed three and two rebounds, respectively, but neither was able to get one into the basket. Martinez also struggled with shooting as he went 0-for-4 from the field and missed his only try from deep into the first frame. The Utah sophomore transfer officer also picked up a personal foul and made a turnover. To finish the game, the Maryland bench took just five points: three from Martinez and two from Reese.

3. Hakim Hart had his strongest offensive performance of the season. Hart set a season record of 24 points and equalized his career high of four steals. Hart shot 8-for-9 from the field, 4-for-5 from deep and 2-for-2 from the charity streak. In this matchup, Hart had to have one more game where he showed his offensive potential. But against the Spiders, he did just that.

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