Zendaya arrived late for the party at Arrakis, her character Chani only appeared in earnest in the last act of Dennis Villeneuve’s celebrated epic, but she’s excited to catch up on the lost time. Deadline’s new cover story goes deep into where Dune second part stands right now: the effort to have success the size of a worm down, and yet another left to go.

Although the Dune sequel will be an ensemble, perhaps no person will be as crucial to the success of the film as Zendaya, who plays Chani. She is a love interest in Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atredies, but it hardly begins to describe her role. While Chani plays a small role in Dune del 1Zendaya explains how she was able to quickly get used to a cast that was mostly fully formed upon her arrival.

“I met everyone fully in the suits. So it was a very cool way to be presented to everyone, pretty much in their character,” she tells Deadline. She also credits director Denis Villeneuve, who is “good at giving you structure. , but then also give you freedom within that structure. “

And as for Part II, she has simple reasons to be excited. “I can be there for a long time, which is cool,” she jokes, following the understatement with real promise. Zendaya says the break between movies will allow her to grow with her character in a way that she can record almost back-to-back Spider-Man movies. “What was cool for me when I had not been with most of the first footage was watching the film from a whole new perspective because I had not seen the scenes and the scenes in most of the film. And to see it felt like just the beginning of this story. “

Although we did not get much of Zendaya in the first film, Chalamet says that her character is already fully formed and alive. A sequel would just give her more room to breathe the sweet spice.

“She is Chani, and it’s incredible to witness, ”says the actor. “From the start, she was that character and it was inspiring to see. I love the image in the movie of Chani pulling the mask down for the first time; it feels really significant. But even on the day it was like that, Holy sh * t, Chani has arrived. There’s the book, and there have been other adaptations, but not only was the relationship between us alive in Jordan, and it not only lives on screen now, it was there right at the first chemistry reading. It felt obvious. “

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Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet will attend at Dune showing in London
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The Deadline story breaks down some of the major decisions both Villeneuve and producer Mary Parent made regarding the project, including the recording of each part separately and the decision to simultaneously release the film on streaming and in cinemas. As Villeneuve said in conversation with Christopher Nolan earlier this year (recorded for the Director’s Guild podcast), it was his hope to record both films back to back … but that would also have been a big mistake. Warner Bros. did not go after it in the end – the director’s previous film, Blade Runner 2042 did not appear in the box office well enough to build the confidence to make a film and a sequel in one go – but Villeneuve was grateful that they pushed him to take time with one film.

“I would be dead,” Villeneuve admitted, saying a movie was enough of a physical and mental drain. “I’m so glad we did not. I would not have had the stamina to do it. Honestly, the truth is, I’m grateful it happened that way.”

And to Deadline, Villeneuve says the choice to make Share one would also serve his vision for the eventual release of Part II. These are great movies that deserve a big screen.

“There is something about the power of the big screen and the sound system that you cannot find at home. It becomes almost spiritual, because with an audience you suddenly become one together, which is something people need. I do not think we are meant to be isolated. We’re supposed to share. And the cinema is really one of the last places that can happen, ”he says.

The unprecedented nature of the pandemic created a “delicate” situation that the director came to respect. Streaming is “not the ideal way to watch the movie and the movie was not meant to be watched on a TV screen.” But, as parents note, “we had already been sitting on the movie for a year, so it was very stressful to think about sitting on it for another year.”

The biggest stress now comes from “getting all these people together” Part II, these people are Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Bardem and Jason Momoa to name a few. It’s a problem that stems from shooting each part separately, which was a problem that came from what parents describe as a lack of resources.

“We’re not a Marvel movie, and we did not have a Marvel budget,” she says, adding that “with $ 165 million, we’re on the smaller side of a big movie.” For context, the cost of production on a recent Marvel image, Eternal, was set at about $ 200 million.

But now that Dune proved to be a hit, its successor will come closer to Villeneuve’s choice. To begin with, this means a 45-day exclusive cinema release period. “For me, it was a condition that could not be negotiated,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in October, although he stressed that streaming is a “great way to re-watch movies or discover movies from the past that are no longer available in theaters.” . ”

Although it will be a challenge to “stay in the same spirit as Share one, while still trying to bring something new to it, cinematically, “Villeneuve works the psyche after getting back to his desert, his Arrakis, his Dune. “Dune: Second part is a baby who has just been conceived. “We do not yet know if it is a boy or a girl,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. Filming is expected to begin in the fall of 2022.

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