Woman feeds a stray dog in a West Bengal railway station. Watch video


A heartwarming video showing a woman feeding curd rice to a stray dog has gone viral and she has been praised widely online for her gesture toward the animal.

The clip, apparently shot at West Bengal’s Dum Dum Cantonment railway station, shared by In Goa 24×7 on Facebook shows the woman making curd rice balls and feeding the dog with her hands. The dog is seen sitting next to her calmly and eating curd rice. The woman is also heard saying that the dog obeys everything she says and eats only vegetarian food.

As per the Facebook post, the dog is called Kutush and is about five years old.

The woman has been praised for feeding the stray dog. “Dog has gained weight….. Anyways very nice job done by the lady,” commented a user.

Recently, a video showing a dog enjoying a ride with a traveller in Goa created a buzz online. The dog was seen blocking the woman from moving ahead and managed to get seated on the bike’s front. The canine, who enjoyed the ride, was reluctant to leave the traveller and happily ventured on another trip.

Videos showing people feeding dogs never fail to impress netizens. A destitute man was praised online after he was captured on camera feeding stray dogs in July 2020. The clip showed the elderly homeless man in ragged clothes feeding the stray animals milk from two plates.