Who is knocking at the front door? Florida cops had an ‘animal problem’ to handle


Knock, knock. Anybody home?

Deputies were called out to a residence in North Florida Sunday night in response to an “animal problem,” according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Hint: The animal wasn’t a raccoon.

Upon arrival, they found an alligator. On the doorstep.

Video with the agency’s social media post shows the smallish reptile looking eager to get inside. At one point it raises its head and seemingly taps on the door, a fake crab ornament hanging nearby. Nervous laughter is heard off camera.

With the help of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission officers, deputies removed the gator from the area.

A commenter on the Facebook post sums up how just about everyone feels about this situation: “I sure would hate to open the door and find this right there.”

The fate of the unwanted visitor is unclear. The sheriff’s office did not respond to the Miami Herald’s request for more information Monday.

If it was over four feet in length, it would be considered a nuisance alligator and either humanely euthanized or relocated.

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