Watch: Man does hilarious ‘Unboxing & Review’ video of pan masala


The unboxing and review videos are one of the most watched video formats on YouTube. While the internet is full of unboxing videos of everything, right from expensive gadgets to high-end makeup products, a person choose a peculiar subject for his unboxing video: a sachet of Vimal Pan Masala! 

The parody video, posted by YouTuber who goes by the name “Mrityunjoy sharma #x”, gives an elaborate description of the packet of Vimal Pan Masala and has a demonstration of how to eat it. 

In the video, the YouTuber cheekily pokes fun at the tag line of Vimal Pan Masala and says that one does not need to buy expensive kesar as they can simply eat Vimal Paan Masala and invite satisfaction, happiness and illness in their lives. The tagline of Vimal Pan Masala is “daane daane mai hai kesar ka dum”, which roughly translates to “every morsel has the power of saffron”. 

However, in the video’s description box, there is a disclaimer that warns people against consuming “Any Products Shown In The Video”. 

The YouTuber also mockingly boasts that since the pan masala’s bio is written in English, therefore it can make one learn fluent English in just five minutes. So far, the three minute and 55-second video has been viewed over 1.7 lakh times. 

Vimal Pan Masala is one of the most popular pan masalas in India. However, since it is a tobacco-based product, it is indirectly advertised through other products (such as silver-coated cardamoms) that are made by the same brand. 

Recently, actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar have terminated contracts with brands that make pan masala after they were criticised for indulging in surrogate advertising for tobacco products.