Video Shows Alec Baldwin Moments After Halyna Hutchins was Shot


Police bodycam video released Monday shows Alec Baldwin working with law enforcement and seeking details on Halyna Hutchins’ condition after she was shot by him on the set of his movie Rust last October.

Police footage released and documented by TMZ appears to show Baldwin and his crew arrranged outdoors. Baldwin could be heard saying, “what’s her story?” apparently referring Hutchins’ condition.

“A little bit rougher,” is the reply according to the video.

The police officer said the bullet “went through her right underarm and the exit point was on her back left shoulder blade.” A crewmember asked if the wound was life threatening. “Enough to get air flight,” the officer said.

Among the files released by Sante Fe County Sheriff’s Office is more bodycam footage which captures the first interaction with Baldwin, who is asked “are you doing OK?”

See the video below:

“No, I’m not actually,” Baldwin replies before confirming he was the one holding the old west-style revolver when it discharged.

Rust assistant director David Halls can also be seen talking to Baldwin with both questioning how a live round managed to go off.

In separate footage, Baldwin is seen rehearsing how he planned to draw the revolver in the scene.

“Today the sheriff’s office is releasing all files associated with our ongoing investigation,” Santa Fe county sheriff Adan Mendoza said on Monday.

“The files are all related to the Rust movie set investigation and include lapel/dash camera footage from deputies and detectives, incident reports, crime scene photos, examination reports, witness interviews, set video and staff photos collected throughout the course of this investigation.”

The decision on whether or not to file criminal charges will likely take weeks or even months, as authorities continue to examine forensic evidence.

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