[Updates] The lawyer spoke about the deception of newcomers

Lawyer and managing partner at Lawyers: Golenev and Partners, said that when taking a loan, there is a high risk of falling into a trap due to banking tricks and one’s own financial illiteracy. At the same time, the majority of Russians sign banking agreements without reading them to the end, he said in an interview with PRIME.

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The expert pointed out the fact that the borrower often does not take into account the division of the loan agreement into a general and a special part. He will receive only a special part in his hands.

The contract should pay attention to the conditions “with a catch”, they can be placed inside the “usual conditions”, the lawyer believes. In his opinion, the points related to the actions of the bank in case of delay in payments are also important.

Golenev recalled that it also happens that spouses make out a loan, and then get divorced. According to him, before taking a loan, a prenuptial agreement or other legal document should be drawn up. Later, this can save you from worrying about what the court’s decision will be regarding the payment of the loan.

Earlier it became known that the total amount of loans that banks issued to Russians reached 1.1 trillion rubles in August 2022. The maximum monthly volume in the entire history of observations, which has been conducted since December 2014, is 1.3 trillion rubles. It was recorded in April 2021. In March, after the start of a special operation in Ukraine and the imposition of tough sanctions against banks, lending collapsed by 40%.