Trump Evokes The ‘P’ Word Again, And Twitter Foes Know It’s As Sexist As Ever


Former President Donald Trump all but said the word “pussy” — again — in an excerpt from his international interview Monday with British journalist Piers Morgan, and it was as shockingly sexist as ever.

Trump predicted the couple’s marriage would end when Markle “decides that she likes some other guy better.” He added: “Poor Harry is being led around by his nose, and I think he’s an embarrassment.”

After calling Harry “whipped,” Trump asked Morgan: “Do you know the expression?” Morgan responded: “I’m familiar with the term.” Americans on Twitter translated the slur for British viewers who might be unfamiliar with it.

The scene brought to mind what was one of the most shocking moments of Trump’s 2016 campaign, when he was captured on tape bragging about the ease with which he could “grab” women by the “pussy.” (Women attempted to take back the word with “pussy hats” at massive women’s marches after his election.)

Twitter critics were furious. A member of the House of Lords blasted Trump as a misogynist.