Thieves use an excavator to steal money from ATM in Maharashtra. Watch video


In a bizarre incident, thieves in Maharashtra’s Sangli district used an excavator to steal money from an ATM. CCTV footage showing the ATM being swept away has surfaced online and left netizens shocked.

The clip shared on the YouTube channel Viral Stringer shows a person entering the ATM. After keeping the door open, the person retracts. The next thing that enters the closed space is the excavator’s bucket, which then smashes the door’s glass. Next, the excavator aims at the ATM and damages the digital screen. Then the entire ATM is pushed down and swept away completely.

Watch the video here:

The incident happened on April 23. Citing police officials, the Viral Stringer noted on YouTube that the excavator was stolen from a nearby petrol pump by the thief. There was Rs 27 lakh inside the ATM. The excavator and ATM have been recovered and an investigation to nab the culprits is ongoing. As per local media reports, the destroyed ATM belonged to Axis Bank.

Before this, a thief grabbed attention online after a video showed him dancing inside a store in Uttar Pradesh’s Chandauli district. Netizens were left shocked to see the thief’s moments of celebration. After dancing for a while, he was seen crawling out through the small opening between the shutter and floor.