‘Smart Summon:’ Autopiloted Tesla Crashes into Multimillion-Dollar Jet


A recent viral video appears to show someone using their Tesla’s “Smart Summon: autopilot feature to call the car to them — only for the vehicle to crash into a multimillion-dollar jet parked on an airport tarmac.

Vice News reports that in a recent viral video, a Tesla using its autopilot feature appears to collide with an expensive jet parked at an airport. Tesla Model Y vehicles are equipped with a “Smart Summon” feature that allows owners to call their vehicle to them. This is often used to drive a vehicle from the back of a parking lot to the front where the owner is waiting, or in other situations in which the car is relatively close to the owner.

In a new video, a Tesla Model Y is seen driving slowly on an airport tarmac where it approaches a Cirrus Vision jet, collides with the rear of the jet, and keeps driving — moving the 1.5-ton jet in a half-circle before stopping.

Footage of the situation can be seen below:

The video was initially posted to the r/Flying subreddit on Reddit by a user who said that they saw the situation unfold at an event hosted by aircraft manufacturer Cirrus. The same user wrote in r/TeslaMotors:  “I also drive a Tesla Model Y – but was not the poor soul (with poor decision-making abilities) who summoned his Tesla around several expensive aircraft – only to crash it into the most expensive one ($3,500,000)!”

Breitbart News has previously covered the various issues with Tesla’s Smart Summon feature, a few examples can be seen below:

One video even showed a man’s Tesla driving directly into traffic:

Read more at Vice News here.

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