A gene called Kras is responsible for most cases of lung cancer. This gene is found in human lung cells and is overexpressed in the lungs of cancer patients. As a result, other cell components and genes are destroyed and eventually the patient dies.

Like other cancer patients, lung cancer patients go through three stages of the disease – early, severe, and terminal. According to a report by the Reuters news agency citing the FDA, this drug from Mirati Therapeutics is able to play an effective role in the recovery of patients with early and advanced stages of lung cancer. Adagrasib has passed the FDA’s testing in this regard quite successfully, an FDA official told Reuters.

David Meek, chief executive of Mirati, said that from now on, the drug will be regularly available in the US drug market under the name ‘Crazy’. Each bottle of 180 tablets of 200 mg weight will cost 20 lakh 48 thousand 667 rupees ($19 thousand 750) in the retail market.

He also said that Mirati Therapeutics conducted multiple medical trials of the drug before applying for FDA approval. Analyzing the results of these trials, 100 percent of early-stage lung cancer patients and 43 percent of advanced-stage patients were cured after receiving Adaggressib or Crazati.

Shares of Mirati Therapeutics have fallen 55 percent on the US stock market in the past month, But the company’s shares rose 8 percent on Tuesday after receiving FDA approval.

However, adagrasib is not the first US drug for lung cancer patients. Last year, the FDA approved the drug Lumacrus from a US company called Amgen International. As such, Lumacrus is the first oral drug for lung cancer.

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