The happiness that we plant lovers get from tending to our little green friends and surrounding ourselves with overgrown foliage is unmatched by most things in this world. Green thumbers both aspiring or expert-level are likely filling their holiday shopping carts with items like a functional watering can that’s pretty enough to be displayed or a bag of nutrient-rich potting soil.

Over the years, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Etsy’s supply of plant-related items. This online platform known for handcrafted and personalized goods is packed with unique products such as ceramic planters, propagating vases and even variegated seedlings ready for planting. Plus, there’s an extra layer of delight in knowing that I’m supporting small businesses when I buy at Etsy.

If you want to present a plant lover with something that they will find truly delightful this year, I won’t gatekeep any longer. Ahead, I’ve assembled a robust list of gift-able plant-related goodies ready for you to shop, all from Etsy. It’s a great idea to hop on these products now. Due to the homemade nature of many of these items, shipping lead times can be long.

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