On today’s episode of the 5 Things podcast: Oath Keepers leader found guilty of seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 attack

What is seditious conspiracy? And what happens next? Plus, Yael Eisenstat, Vice President of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Technology and Society, discusses the rise in anti-semitism.

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Taylor Wilson:

Good morning. I’m Taylor Wilson and this is 5 Things you need to know Wednesday, the 30th of November, 2022. Today, the leader of a right wing extremist group has been found guilty, connected to January 6th, plus President Joe Biden urges action on the national rail dispute, and we look at the rise in antisemitism.

The founder of the Oath Keepers, a right wing extremist militia group, has been found guilty of seditious conspiracy and other charges tied to the January 6th attack on the US Capitol. Stewart Rhodes and four other defendants were convicted by a Washington DC jury yesterday. During the trial, prosecutors outlined the Oath Keepers as leaders of a mob supporting former president Donald Trump that stormed the capital in early 2021, leading to multiple deaths and more than 100 injured law enforcement officers.

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