A day before the conference, hundreds of environmental activists gathered at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport to try to stop private jet flights. Meanwhile, they sit in front of the wheel of the private jet and start cycling on the runway.

Data collected from the Flight Radar Twenty-Four website shows that 36 private planes landed in Sharm Al Sheikh between November 4 and 6 before the start of the conference, where the World Climate Conference is being held.

Also, 64 more planes flew to Cairo.

These flights were from the United Kingdom, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and the United States. It is said that before the start of the conference, these private jets from more than 40 airports in the world went to Egypt.

Flight Radar Twenty-Four says there may be even more private jets to Egypt that they haven’t been able to track.

However, it is believed that the number of private jets that went to the Cop-26 conference held in Glasgow last year is less than this time.

One reason for this may be that relatively few world leaders are attending the Sharm Al Sheikh summit this time.

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