Safe to say Adele’s a “no filter needed” kind of person.

The “Easy on Me” singer was flabbergasted when a fan took a selfie video of them two of them at her Las Vegas show over the weekend with a beauty filter over their faces. As she came into the frame, Adele saw how she looked with the filter on, and her expression was priceless.

“Oh, my God, what’ve you done to my face?” she asked, adding: “Whoa, girl, get that filter off my face!” before ducking out of the shot.

“What’s your name? Why are you doing filters like that?” she said as she popped back in. “We don’t look like that, darling.”

It was followed by a sweet moment when the fan, apparently overwhelmed to be talking to the star, started crying. Adele fixed her hair, gave her a little hug and some advice: “Don’t cry! You don’t want J.Lo to see you cry.”

The fan posted the video on TikTok, writing: “Just Adele coming up to me randomly and making me forgot my whole entire existence.” The video was viewed over a million times on TikTok alone.

The Grammy winner is performing weekly in Las Vegas as part of her long-awaited residency at the Colosseum stage at Caesars Palace. The Weekends With Adele residency will run until March 25.

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