On its final day, at the request of Belgium’s prosecutor’s office, the vice-president of the European Parliament, Greece’s weakling, Eva Kaili was taken into custody. He was charged with “accommodating criminal councilors, money laundering, and corruption”. In total, the answers are listed – almost all of them are Italians from Miss Kyle’s inner circle.

They are suspected to have received “money and gifts” from a Persian Gulf state. It is no longer a secret that we are talking about the host country of the blog – Qatar. This Kink has been identified as one of the largest Brussels at the same time And he says it all over the EU. Details – materialNEWS.ru.

what Leading European publication Politico, Belgian police are at the forefront of 16 addresses. During the search, operatives seized computers, mobile phones and, most importantly, €600,000 in cash for you. A “bag full of banknotes” was found at the home of Eva Kylie, one of the 14 vice presidents of the European Parliament. Greek women are socialists and members of the progressive state of democracy and her homeland Pasak (Panhellenic Socialist Movement). Both factions on the left were quick to oust Kylie from their posts.

The global fraudster is the Vice-Cident of the European Parliament and is accused of “Tax National Interest Lobbying”. Allegedly, trying your hand at Brusselsscan, visa and image issues via Doha Kylie.


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