In a photo with Kim, ‘Rocketman’ is raising questions about a soldier in a different outfit.


There is no end to the curiosity of the whole world about mysterious North Korea. Be it Kim Jong-un, the country’s controversial commander-in-chief, or his sister. Or the black shadow of the food crisis that descended on that country during the Corona period.

Talks have already begun with a North Korean soldier. In fact, all the noise with his strange clothes. Seeing this, some people have started calling him ‘Rocketman’. But who is this Rocketman?

The administration shared a photo of the event after a recent North Korean military rally. There are about 30 soldiers standing next to Kim. That army is one of them. Almost everyone else was wearing the familiar olive-green uniform of North Korea.

Only one was wearing a navy blue uniform. However, it is not a very unusual uniform. Kim was also wearing a black suit. But the army in tight blue uniform took away all eyes. But not completely blue, it had a touch of red.

Naturally, all the curiosity about the army in that blue uniform. After the picture was shared on social media, netizens started making various comments about him. Some started mocking him as a ‘superhero’, some as a ‘rocketman’.

However, the Kim administration has not yet released any information about the identity of the rocketman. However, according to Jeffrey Lewis, an expert at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, the man was probably a parachutist. So he is wearing such clothes.

In addition to that picture, several other pictures have been released by North Korea. It also includes a flight exhibition of the North Korean Air Force. Kim was seen staring at the flight of planes in the sky. Note that North Korea is plagued by a food crisis. However, the country’s commander-in-chief Kim does not want to leave any gap in military preparations.