Hurricane Compassu is coming! Warning issued for fear of falling into the sea

The monsoon has left a large part of the country. In the next few days, the monsoon will withdraw from the whole country. However, with it the possibility of a cyclone is increasing. Some meteorologists believe that after the tropical cyclone Kompasu hit the South China Sea, its effects could be felt in the Bay of Bengal.

The Category 1 hurricane has already hit the South China Sea with Tropical Cyclone Compass. Which is being compared to a Category-1 hurricane. It is located southeast of Hong Kong and northwest of Manila. It is moving west at a speed of 20 km per hour. The meteorologists also warned that the maximum wind speed in this cyclone could be 90 km per hour. Compass is heading towards Hainan Province in China.

Hurricane activity is expected to hit the coast in the afternoon depending on the surface temperature of the sea and the wind there. In this case, it is known that the temperature and wind are favorable for the advance of cyclone Compass. However, there is no hope that it will intensify in the future. The bomber struck shortly after noon in China’s Hainan province.

The cyclone is expected to enter Tonkin Bay after a second landfall hit China in Vietnam. It will move further west. It could hit North Vietnam in the early hours of October 15. However, the environment in Vietnam is not conducive to this cyclone. As a result, it will weaken and turn into a depression over northern Laos.

After the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, the cyclone will lose more strength and turn into a cyclone over Thailand. It could later reach the Martaban Epsagar and the adjoining North Andaman Sea by 16 October. Suitable weather can turn it into low pressure by increasing the energy again.

According to the weather models, this depression can become more active in the Bay of Bengal and increase energy. That is why a continuous monitoring of the North Andaman Sea and the East Central Bay of Bengal is essential, said Skymet Weather, a private meteorological agency.

Because there is already a cyclone in the North Andaman Sea area, which is going to turn into a depression on Wednesday. The meteorological office has forecast rain in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands for three days.