Three scientists from Germany, Japan and Italy have been awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics.


The winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2021 has been announced. Japan’s Sukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselman, and Giorgio Parigi have been awarded the honor. Sakura Manabe, Klaus Hasselman for World Environmental Research. At the same time, Parisi received the honor for her contribution to the study of the Interplay of Disorders on Atoms and Planets.

Three scientists from Germany, Japan, and Italy have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2021. Klaus Hasselmann and Sukuro Manabe have contributed to special research on the global environment. The second part of this honor went to Giorgio Parisi. His research paper covers many of the phenomena of physics in the Atomic and Planetary Scales.

The names of the three scientists were announced by Thomas Parliament, secretary of the Nobel Committee. Note that scientists will be able to receive this award while sitting in their own country during the Koviz epidemic. Note that Sukuro Manabei of Japan was the first to invent a special method for observing weather and climate movements.

He won the award for his research on how temperatures are rising due to the increase in carbon dioxide on the crust. Klaus Hasselmann, a 69-year-old German scientist. Hasman’s theory of oceanography is well-known. And the father of that Hasselman theory, this German scientist has highlighted various issues in his research on the connection between weather and climate and has won this award from that place.

Originally, this discovery of scientists revealed a great deal about climate change and the environment in the world. This special study is about how harmful carbon dioxide emitted from many daily necessities and luxuries can be to the world’s weather in the near future.

Scientists are studying how carbon dioxide is causing various problems and complications by increasing the temperature in the world. The subject of Giorgio Parisi’s research is primarily the quantum field. His research is on statistical mechanics.

It is believed that the discoveries of these scientists will be able to show a new direction in physics in the coming days. These discoveries are expected to play a significant role in the coming days in terms of physics as well as weather and climate.