Why has Facebook-WhatsApp-Instagram been shut down for so long?


Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram services are down for about seven hours. The biggest problem Facebook has had so far is this disaster on Monday.

Although the service was normal on Tuesday morning Indian time, there are several reasons behind the disruption. It is known that this situation of Facebook was created due to the problem in the domain name system of the company. While the subject is important for the Internet, it is generally unknown.

Zuckerberg loses, 6 billion in 6 hours on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp services

A statement from Facebook said the situation was caused by a change in the configuration of its router. However, there is no reason for users to be afraid. However, due to the underlying factors, several internal instruments and methods have been affected.

It took a long time to identify the result. It’s time to fix it. Facebook says communication with network traffic has been cut off due to changes to the router’s configuration. Facebook’s machines lost contact with each other.

CloudFair’s statement was preceded by an official statement from Facebook on behalf of the website security company Cloudflare. There, it is said, Facebook disappeared from the Internet due to the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). The problem started during regular BGP updates. Which later deletes the DNS data as well. Which is very useful for connecting Facebook with other networks.

Introduction to DNS and BGP According to a Bloomberg report, DNS is much like an internet phonebook. Which changes the web domain called Facebook to Internet Protocol i.e. IP. On Monday, a technical problem appeared in Facebook’s DNS record. Due to which the whole of Facebook became unusable for a while.

According to a report published in Bloomberg, the problem of Facebook first appeared in the girder gateway protocol i.e. BGP. In this case, if DNS is an internet phonebook, then BGP is a poster service. When a user gives information on the internet, this BGPE shows him the best way.

Do you have a backup on Facebook? The answer is yes. Facebook’s various services, WhatsApp, Instagram are all backed up and running. Facebook has also informed us that all their systems are running.

The company’s WhatsApp said on Twitter that all departments were working 100 percent on Tuesday after Monday’s disruption. WhatsApp has apologized for the seven-hour disturbance this morning. Facebook has also suffered huge financial losses due to Monday’s disruption.