The US government has sent a strong message to Pakistan about the Taliban.

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This is not the first time that the US has criticized Pakistan for allowing troops to enter the country, despite the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Pakistan’s direct involvement in it. Where they are provided with safe shelter and other services including medical care.

“We have long expressed concern about Pakistan’s support for the Taliban,” Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby told reporters. Pakistan has long been a militant haven These concerns about Pakistan are still present today.

Kirby added that Kirby could not avoid responsibility for the escalation of terrorism in his neighboring country (Afghanistan). “We are holding open discussions with Pakistani leaders about our concerns about terrorism,” he told reporters. I think it’s important to keep going. Pakistan also needs to realize that its people have been similarly threatened by terrorist groups such as the Taliban on the border.

At one time, Asraf Ghani Satkar of Afghanistan directly claimed that Pakistan was sending militants and weapons to renew unrest in war-torn Afghanistan. Lahore countered that Kabul was supporting anti-Pakistani terrorist groups in Balochistan. “The United States has the right to continue drone strikes inside Afghanistan,” Kirby told reporters on the sidelines of the operation.

We believe that we must continue to defend Afghanistan and ourselves A few days ago, the US had eliminated militants through drone strikes in Afghanistan The Taliban then claimed that the United States was violating the agreement