Merck’s antiviral drugs are hoping to prevent death in Corona.

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Researchers found new hope to prevent deaths from coronary heart disease. Merck’s anti-virus drugs are very effective in preventing the death of corona. The death toll in the Corona Second Wave has risen sharply. The death toll from the second wave of coronavirus has risen worldwide.

India is not far behind. The number of deaths due to corona infection is still high in the country. Researchers have continued to study how coronary heart disease can prevent death. It has been found that Merck’s anti-virus drugs are very effective in preventing death from coronary heart disease. If it is universally accepted, a big medicine will come in handy. It can prevent a lot of deaths from corona infection.

Corona infection is declining in India but in many countries of the world but the third wave of the corona is making the eyes red. Infection of the Delta variant in particular is raising concerns. The most lethal variant of the coronavirus is this delta variant.

This variant has been found in about 70 countries of the world. This variant is also capable of spreading the infection to the vaccinated human body. In India, two patients have died after being vaccinated against the Delta variant. The researchers were concerned.

Meanwhile, researchers are quite enthusiastic about this new drug to prevent death from coronary infections. Although the drug has not yet been recognized. Researchers think that if that is the case, corona treatment will open a big horizon.

The manufacturer of the drug said it would soon ask the United States to approve the drug. They also said that they will apply for the approval of the use of this drug in the whole world.

Amesh Adalja, a health security officer at the Johns Hopkins Center, said that if certain doses of the drug were applied to corona patients, it would reduce the chances of hospitalization. Many countries have banned the use of multiple drugs, including coronary arthritis remedies.

This drug can be used on a patient only after hospitalization. Merck’s chief executive director said the drug would have many benefits. Corona is already being tested experimentally with multiple drugs.

Several companies have also launched coronavirus vaccines. A number of companies, starting with Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, have launched the corona vaccine and their experimental application is underway. Several vaccines have already been approved.