Kim Yoo-Jung, Kim’s sister, takes on bigger responsibilities instead of chief adviser


North Korea’s top policy-making body, the State Affairs Commission (SAC), has finally been granted membership to Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, Kim Yoo-Jung. Meanwhile, his great promotion has started to be practiced all over the world. Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yoo Jung has made headlines by threatening America more than once before.

A few days ago, Kim Jong Un said that the negative attitude of the United States towards their country always tarnishes their image in the international arena.

This work may not last long. On the other hand, he was seen opening his mouth about the relations with South Korea. In this context, he said, “I think that the path of understanding between North and South Korea can be smoother when mutual respect between the two countries remains intact on the basis of neutrality.”

He was acting chief adviser to the president, while his comments on the US and South Korea issues were widely used. Since then, many have speculated that Kim Yoo may soon be seen in a top North Korean administration post. And in reality, that is true.

Kim Yoo Jung is now a member of his grandfather-led SAC. Yoo Jung, however, is already one of North Korea’s most important political figures, serving as the prime minister’s chief adviser. This time he got the highest government post by becoming a member of SAC.

Meanwhile, Kim’s sister was seen making a covert threat to Biden to express her views on America. “If you want to sleep well for the next four years, don’t try to look at us. If that happens, I’ll blow you away,” Joe Biden warned. With 6 more people have been promoted. Yeo Jung is the only woman among them to hold this huge position.