The Taliban has written to India asking it to resume suspended air services


The Taliban have been occupying Kabul for almost a month. They are already in power in that country. However, before coming to power, the Taliban said they would sort out Afghanistan. But there is still panic in that country. People around the world are seeing pictures of Taliban atrocities.

While trying to normalize everything in this situation. To that end, the Taliban has already sent a message to the world to start air services with their countries quickly. This time a letter was sent to the Taliban urging India to do the same. Although this letter was given several days ago. That is what has been known.

As the situation worsened, the last flight took off from Kabul on August 16 for Delhi. After that, the airspace of Afghanistan was closed overnight. As a result, more private planes could not go to that country.

However, the stranded Indians were rescued with the help of the Indian Air Force. And since then, communication with Afghanistan has been completely cut off by air. After a long hiatus, the Taliban has once again announced the launch of air services between India and Afghanistan.

The letter was sent on behalf of the Taliban to DCGA, India’s director-general of civil aviation. Hamidullah Akhundzadar has signed the letter on behalf of the Taliban. It is learned that the letter was first greeted. The letter later claimed that US forces had completely destroyed the airport before leaving Kabul.

A lot of things are ruined. But it has also been claimed that the situation has gradually improved. However, in this case, it has been claimed that it was taken with the help of Qatar. Hamidullah Akhundzadar said several airports, including Qatar’s Kabul airport, have been redesigned. However, India has not yet responded to the letter.

However, a letter from the Afghan Civil Aviation Authority said the Taliban wanted to operate Afghanistan’s Kam Air and Ariana Afghan Airlines. In a letter to Arun Kumar, the Taliban said, “This request is being made so that there is no difficulty in transporting passengers between the two countries.” At the same time, India has been assured of security by the Taliban.

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