YouTube is removing corona anti-vaccine videos from its own platform


Vaccines are the only weapon in human hands to fight the coronavirus. The only way to control the spread of corona is to use this vaccine. On the one hand, when the world is worried about the Delta variant of Corona, there are many videos on YouTube where various anti-vaccine issues are being raised.

Many videos say that the ‘reason’ is not to get the vaccine. As a result, all such videos are preventing many from getting vaccinated against corona. Many are losing interest in the vaccine.

Meanwhile, YouTube announced on Wednesday that all videos that campaign against the vaccine would be removed from YouTube. According to the agency, all these videos have started to send the wrong message to people about the corona vaccine.

Many people start to have misconceptions about vaccines. As a result, the fight against corona around the world is having a negative impact. YouTube has also begun removing videos that contain misinformation or re-news about the vaccine.

In his statement, YouTube said that the theory of medical conspiracy is also being published in all these fake YouTube videos. As a result, they are concerned about the matter. ‘We’ve been watching a lot of videos about vaccines claiming to be false for a long time. Which is basically, giving false information about the vaccine ‘, said YouTube.

According to them, the world is at a crossroads in the fight against coccidiosis, where spreading the importance of the vaccine is a big task. Earlier, YouTube removed various videos with misinformation about hepatitis B and smallpox from its platform.