Protesters greeted French President Macron by throwing eggs


The President of France was welcomed in Lyon by throwing eggs. Protesters fired eggs at French President Emmanuel Macron. The incident sparked outrage in Lyon. The French president visited Lyon on Monday to promote French gastronomy. There Emanuel hits Macron with an egg.

As seen in video footage in Lyon, a protester shouted for a long revolution while the French president was walking through the crowd. That’s when he threw eggs at the French president. The broken egg hit the French president on the shoulder. One person has been arrested in the incident.

The President of France is embarrassed by this incident. However, this is not the first time that French President Emmanuel Macron has faced such a difficult situation. A man slapped Macron while walking in southern France last June. The man was then arrested. He was jailed for four months.

His security guards could not have imagined that French President Emmanuel Macron would face such a situation when he went to a restaurant and hotel trade fair in Lyon. It was unimaginable that the protesters would attack him in this way. However, the security guards immediately caught the attacker. He was immediately removed from the scene.

Macron said he would try to talk to the man later. “If I have anything to say, ask him to come. I’ll see him later,” Macron told the International Catering, Hotel, and Food Trade Fair. A warm reception was held for the Centrist President at the Trade Fair. An unpleasant incident took place in him.

This phenomenon has been described as wonderful. At today’s event, he announced that anyone who gives restaurant tips via credit card will not be taxed.

When he was running for president in 2016, an egg was thrown at his head during a public visit to the National Agricultural Fair in Paris. Most recently, a man slapped her in the face while shaking hands with well-wishers in the southern city of Valencia in June. Again a protester threw eggs at him.