The Taliban government in Afghanistan has issued a new fatwa on beards

The Taliban have been issuing one fatwa after another since sitting in the maenad of Kabul. Girls are being cornered the most. In a way, the Taliban government has placed them under house arrest. Fatwa has also been issued on the dress. This time men are not getting relief. According to the new fatwa, the men of that country will no longer be able to cut or trim their beards.

Barbers warn Taliban have already started threatening barbers in a saloon in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. This law is going to be relaxed in the whole country soon. The newly formed government has even put up posters on various properties in Helmand. Even all barbers have been notified that they must abide by Sharia law when cutting their hair and beard.

Strict punishment if caught If any person or barber is caught red-handed while doing this work, then strict punishment is also being provided for them. The new decision was made in accordance with the Taliban’s claim to Islamic law.

This time, however, the Taliban promised to leave the old medieval shell and stand by the people in a new venture. As such fatwas continue to grow, the newly formed Taliban government is expected to return to the same path as the previous 20 years of Taliban rule.

In the context of the American style, radical Islamists banned flamboyant hairstyles and beards during the first Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001. Everyone is following the same path again. The owner of one of the largest saloons in Helmand province recently said he had received a phone call from the Taliban. It is even reported on the spot that from now on American style can no longer be done while cutting hair and beard.

It is learned that not only Helmand but also the barbers of the capital Kabul have received the same threats. On the other hand, spies have been appointed by the Taliban to check whether the fatwa is being complied with. On the other hand, the Taliban has started practicing this new fatwa in different quarters. The tumultuous practice is also going on in the international arena.