Petrol is running out fast at the pump, long car line! The Prime Minister has ordered the deployment of the army


Suddenly the oil disappeared from the petrol pump. Ordinary people are rushing to buy oil. Such is the situation in Britain. The situation has deteriorated so much that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been forced to withdraw troops. He directed that arrangements be made for an immediate supply of oil to petrol pumps.

At least a hundred troops have been deployed. That operation was named Operation Escalon. In fact, two British companies called BPOS have stopped supplying oil. Oil was supplied to most petrol pumps from these two companies. In the absence of a lorry driver, those companies have stopped supplying oil.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has instructed that arrangements be made to speed up patrols at least one of the three petrol pumps. Yesterday, the Petrol Retailers Association informed Britain that five and a half thousand petrol banks had run out of petrol.

The organization fears that the rest will be vacated soon. As soon as this news was published, excitement spread all over Britain. The rush to buy petrol has quickly subsided. In such a situation, some urgent guidelines have to be issued by the government. It is learned that the supply of petrol has been stopped mainly due to the lack of lorry drivers. However, the crisis has intensified as ordinary people have started buying oil.

The British Army has been instructed to take control of the situation. Lorry drivers have been in trouble in Britain for several days. Thousands of lorry drivers are not coming to work. As a result, a severe crisis has been created in that country. Visa issuance is said to be the beginning of the problem. Although lorry drivers’ association officials have warned that the move would make them less likely to be attracted to Britain. The Brexit and Corona epidemics have caused this condition.

Although efforts are being made to normalize the situation quickly. However, if the lorry drivers do not come to work in this way, the government officials fear that the situation may get worse in the future. However, due to the lack of oil in the pumps, one after another they are being shut down in that country. And the ones that are there are running out of oil fast.

Because the line has completely fallen to fill the car with oil. Part of the fear is that if the pumps continue like this, there will be a huge push on public transport. He even feared that the transport system in the country would come to a standstill. Although efforts are being made to bring down the army and normalize the situation quickly. Army vehicles are being used to refuel. Not only that, cars are also being used in other cases.

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