The Taliban has banned shaving or trimming beards in Helmand

The Taliban has banned hairdressers from shaving or trimming beards in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. They say shaving or trimming beards violates Islamic law.

They have given an official notice to the hairdressers in this regard. So it has been said that Islamic law must be followed in the case of hair and beard. It further said that no one has the right to make any complaint in this regard.

Violators of the ban have been threatened with severe punishment. Several hairdressers in Kabul also said they had received similar orders.

A barber in Kabul said Taliban fighters were constantly approaching them and threatening to send police to catch those who disobeyed orders.

The owner of Kabul’s largest hairdressing shop said he had received a phone call. Introducing himself as a government official, one threatened him not to follow the ‘American style’.

The hairdressers said they were being professionally harmed by the Taliban’s order. One said, “I’ve been in this profession for 15 years. But I don’t think I can continue.”

His clients have stopped shaving. He says that even if the price is reduced, the customer is not going to be attracted. Such an order signals a return to the Taliban’s past.

However, they have promised not to keep the rules as strict as before. During the Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001, men were instructed not to wear curly hair but to grow beards.

But even then, shaving or having different styles of hair and beard has become popular in Afghanistan. The Taliban have been cracking down on insurgents since taking power in Afghanistan last month.