Merkel’s party defeated in Germany, ending 16 years of Conservative rule


The end of 16 years of Conservative rule in Germany. The Conservatives were defeated. Angela Merkel’s Conservatives have had to concede defeat, despite a very limited number of votes. This is the first time since 2005 that the Conservatives have had to accept the rate. The Conservatives have ruled Germany for 17 years under Angela Merkel.

The Conservatives have ruled Germany for 17 years. This time a big incident has taken place in the German national election. Democrats received 26 percent of the vote. Merkel’s Conservatives, on the other hand, received 24.5 percent of the vote. Despite a very small margin, the Democrats have overtaken the Conservatives. However, the Democrats did not get a single majority.

So alliance is necessary to form the government. Now Merkel’s team has started speculating on which way to go. Democrats, meanwhile, have said it would take a month to reach a final decision on forming a government.

The equation of alliance has already begun in Germany. There is also speculation about whether Angela and the Chancellor will remain. Democrat leader Armin Laschet has said he wants all members of his party to remain active in the cabinet.

He said he did not want the chancellor to be strong. Angela Merkel was the face of the party during the Conservative government and other members of the party or cabinet were not seen. Merkel was always in the limelight. This time, there are indications that it will not happen in the case of the Democrat government.

It will take 1 month to form a complete government. Until then, Angela Merkel will have to handle the responsibility as the caretaker government. But Democrat leader Lancet said Democrats would form a government before Christmas. Political circles believe that the end of Merkel’s power could have a big impact on the European economy.

Meanwhile, the tension has started with the alliance. Democrats are desperate to form a coalition government. On the other hand, by increasing the support of the alliance, they are desperately trying to bring themselves back to the government.

Democrat leaders have been holding meetings with several smaller parties to garner support. Negotiations are underway. It is expected that it will take another month to form a government. Democrats are expected to announce the formation of a new government in Germany in late November.