Sino-US conflict: Is the release of Huawei owner’s daughter a sign of compromise?

The whole of China was in a frenzy on Saturday when Maung Wan Joo, the chief financial officer of Chinese telecom giant Huawei, landed at Shenzhen Airport after a 1,000-day house arrest in Canada over allegations of fraud filed by the United States.

The Chinese online search engine Sina Weibo was the most searched on Saturday in the context of returning to the country of Mangye. There have been at least 100 million hits in various related pictures-news-statements. A Chinese government spokesman told the Global Times that from the landing of the plane carrying the monkey to the airport, he had seen live streaming of the reception.

It was later revealed that the US government had sought the arrest. Ms. Mang was accused of doing business with Iran by evading US sanctions and giving false information to HSBC Bank to suppress it. The United States has demanded his extradition to Canada for questioning and trial, but Huawei has resisted a legal battle.

For the past three years or so, Ms. Maung has been under house arrest in Vancouver. The whole time his ankle was blocked by a GPS tracker so that he could be monitored 24 hours a day. China’s relations with Canada have soured overnight over the arrests. Shortly after Ms. Mang’s arrest, two Canadians on business trips to China were arrested on suspicion of espionage.

The arrests, however, marked the beginning of a major diplomatic standoff between the United States and China. Publicly and behind the scenes. Insulted China Huawei is one of the symbols of China’s recent advances in technology. The company is now the world’s number one telecom equipment maker. The founder of the company, Ren Zhengfei, is a leading member of the Chinese Communist Party.

He was once in the Chinese army. China considers the abduction of her daughter – who is seen as Huawei’s successor – from the airport and accused of cheating as a deliberate blow to America’s national dignity.

That’s why Americans say Huawei is spying on the Chinese government. They and some of their allies began imposing sanctions on Huawei. China felt extremely humiliated by the way Mang Wan Joo was detained, he told BBC Bangla. Syed Mahmud Ali.

That’s probably why, after Ms. Mang’s return to the country on Saturday, the Global Times wrote in an editorial on their front page that as a result of Beijing’s diplomatic pressure on the United States and Canada, China has maintained its self-esteem.

Maung Wan Jo on the list of Chinese conditions, but under Chinese diplomatic pressure did the US bow down and Ms. Maang was released? The U.S. Department of Justice says the raffle has been brought under the law through the courts. But recent developments are a clear indication that China is putting tremendous pressure on the United States and Canada.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman traveled to China in the last week of July to discuss a proposal for a meeting between President Biden and President Xi Jinping. He met with Foreign Minister Wang Yi in the northern city of Tianjin. The Chinese state news agency Xinhua, as well as several American media outlets, then reported that the Chinese had handed over to the American minister two lists with different conditions for developing relations. One of his lists was Maung Wan Joe’s “unconditional release.”

The Americans did not say anything publicly about it, but China kept up the pressure and did not try to cover it up. Former US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is currently acting as President Biden’s special envoy for climate, visited China earlier this month to negotiate with China ahead of the upcoming climate conference in Glasgow in November.

In the city of Tianjin, Mr. Kerry met with Xi Jinping, China’s top official on climate change. A report in the second edition of the London-based Financial Times in September said Mr. Kerry had been told by China at the Tianjin meeting that US “wrong tactics” on China were ruining bilateral relations and “risking” bilateral climate change.

In a video conference on the eve of the Tianjin meeting, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told John Kerry in a video conference that “if bilateral relations are not good, cooperation on climate change will be difficult to sustain.” Compromised on the matter. “(The United States) had no choice,” the Global Times quoted him as saying.

Because they have no choice but to cooperate with China in tackling climate change and the Kovid pandemic. Inflation and government debt continue to rise in the United States as relations with China deteriorate. ”Secret Understanding? Dr. Mahmoud Ali also thinks that Huawei has made a “political decision” behind the release of the official. “This tug-of-war has been going on for two and a half years.

Allegations of crime have not changed. Then why this sudden release?
Moreover, with the release of Mang, China released two Canadians. The implication of a settlement is clear. ”There are more indications of compromise. The Daily Wall Street Journal quoted US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo as saying on Friday, the day the Huawei owner’s daughter was released, that he would try to improve trade relations with China and would travel to China with several company executives, although the minister did not specify the date.

The Global Times wrote in its editorial on Saturday: But will the release of an official from a company start to melt Sino-US relations? Dr. Mahmud Ali said he did not think there would be any fundamental change in the near future. Biden has also embraced Trump’s policy of competing with China, and he is adamant about that.