Earthquake loses Earth too Mars shakes NASA

Earthquakes happen only on Earth, do not the rest of the planets in the solar system tremble? NASA scientists say that other planets vibrated like the Earth. Earthquakes occur on Mars as well as on Earth, as evidenced by NASA’s Insight Lander. NASA scientists claim that the red planet has shaken three times in the last month.

The largest and longest ‘earthquake’ on Mars A few days ago, the US space agency NASA’s Insight Lander completed a thousand days on Mars. The day was even more special because Insight identified the largest and longest ‘earthquake’ on Mars. The Earthquake instrument or seismometer of that Insight Lander has proved that the earth is shaking.

The third earthquake in a month was detected on NASA’s Insight Lander’s seismometer on the Red Planet. NASA’s Insight Lander detects the third earthquake in a month. Earlier, there were two earthquakes measuring 4.2 and 4.1 on the Richter scale.

Not a few seconds, not an hour and a half of earthquakes like the Earth, and surprisingly in this earthquake, not a few seconds, or even a few minutes, an earthquake on Mars lasts for a few hours. The recent earthquake lasted for an hour and a half. The previous two earthquakes on August 25 did not last long. But not even a few seconds like the earth again.

Two earthquakes on Mars lasted for several minutes. Earlier in 2019, NASA’s Mars rover was monitoring a 3.7 magnitude earthquake. Bruce Bannard, the chief scientist at NASA’s Insight Lander, said the number of small earthquakes on Mars is relatively small. As a result, there are fewer earthquakes in terms of numerology.

He thinks it is important to study such large earthquakes on Mars. Because such a big earthquake can unravel the mystery of Mars or the red planet. From this earthquake, scientists can learn about the structure of the planet Mars.

Insight Lander scientists have identified more than 600 earthquakes, which they believe could solve many questions about Mars. The search for life can also be found in the research on this earthquake. NASA’s Insight Lander has so far detected more than 600 earthquakes in all. It can give many clues about the structure of Mars.

In search of the source of the earthquake, Insight Lander scientists have the idea that the surface of Mars is not like Earth. The earth’s crust is much thinner than the earth’s. And the topography is dry and fragile. That is why earthquakes here last a long time. NASA scientists have also begun research to find the source of the earthquake. The epicenter was reported about 160 kilometers from NASA’s Insight Lander.

Collecting Internal Information About Mars According to NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, the mission of this mission is to study seismic waves to gather internal information about Mars. These waves travel inside Mars and change as they pass through different layers. This allows scientists to find out what’s really inside. Scientists are collecting important information about the planet by studying the earthquake in August.