More than 10,000 temporary visas are being issued in the UK to ease the labor crisis


The United Kingdom has decided to issue more than 10,000 temporary visas to alleviate the labor crisis in the lorry drivers and poultry sector. The British government announced this last Saturday (September 25). The short-term visa will be valid from October to the end of December.

Boris Johnson’s government recently adopted a tough immigration policy that calls for post-Brexit UK self-reliance. Their argument is that the dependence of foreign workers in the country must end. But the hasty decision led to a severe labor crisis in various sectors including lorries, poultry, restaurants, and fuel. As a result, they have started hiring foreign workers again, albeit for a short time.

According to international media reports, there is a shortage of an estimated one lakh drivers in the UK for heavy vehicles alone. In other areas, there has been a severe shortage of energy supplies across the UK due to the labor crisis. Not enough fuel is going to reach the petrol pumps due to lack of tanker drivers. As a result, there is a long line of customers. Fearing that the fuel crisis could intensify in the coming days, people are already desperate to fill up their car tanks.

In this situation, British Transport Minister Grant Shaps said that they are taking steps as soon as possible to control the situation. He hopes that with these steps, the situation will return to normal before Christmas. Shaps said the respective sectors also have to play their respective roles. There will have to be continued salary increases to improve working conditions and retain new drivers.

But business leaders say the move is not enough to end the crisis. According to Ruby McGregor-Smith, president of the British Chamber of Commerce, this is like throwing a drop of water over a fireplace.

He says the number of new visas is absolutely inadequate and not enough to deal with the severity of the crisis. It will also take a long time to read the effect of additional tests on the recruitment of new drivers.

The aim of the new measures of the British government is to increase the number of local drivers as soon as possible. The country’s defense ministry will help take the necessary additional tests. In addition, the British Ministry of Education and its affiliates will train 4,000 people to become proficient in heavy vehicles. Millions of pounds are being spent on all this.

In addition, letters will be sent to about 1 million people currently licensed to drive heavy vehicles in the UK. Those who are no longer driving will be asked to return to work.

The lack of lorry drivers has caused a crisis not only in the supply of fuel, but also in factories, restaurants, and supermarkets in the UK. Last month, McDonald’s ran out of milkshakes and bottled drinks. Fast-food giant KFC was forced to remove some items from their menu. Restaurant chain Nando’s has been forced to close several outlets due to a lack of chicken.