Animals Evacuated From Louisiana Get Help From Arlington Rescues

Teams of volunteers from three Arlington animal rescues showed up at an airport in Manassas on Wednesday to pick up dogs and cats evacuated from Louisiana shelters in the path of Hurricane Ida.

The Human Society of Tulsa in partnership with the Bissell Pet Foundation evacuated hundreds of dogs and cat from Louisiana before the hurricane hit. Ten partner organizations from the D.C. metro region — including the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue, and Lucky Dog Rescue — came to the APP Jet Center on Wednesday to offload the animals.

We were happy to step up this time, said Chelsea Jones, senior communications specialist with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. We had room for them. We were excited to help out.

The shelters that many of the dogs and cats came from were in the path of Hurricane Ida. In situations like that, Bissell steps in to take the animals that are in the shelters so that they’ll be empty and ready to help animals displaced by the storm, according to Jones.

A lot of them know that they’re going to get an influx of pets that need their help right now, after the hurricane, she said Friday morning. So being able to make room in their shelters for the pets they see and the pets that are going to need help once the storm is gone is really important.

These shelters do not transport out pets that are being rescued from the hurricane,” Jones said. “Those are staying in Louisiana, because they might have family looking for them. These organizations pull ahead of the natural disasters like this.”

AWLA, which operates and staffs the Arlington County Shelter on behalf of the county, was able to take eight dogs on Wednesday. Most have already been given to AWLA fosters homes, and the remaining few were awaiting evaluation by the shelter’s medical team.

As soon as they’ve been cleared medically and have had time to decompress and we’ve gotten to know them a little bit better, they’ll be going up for adoption hopefully, and finding new homes in Arlington,” Jones said. AWLA has information on its website about how to adopt an animal from the Arlington Shelter.

Kim Williams, a spokeswoman with the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, said her organization had picked up 26 dogs and four kittens on Wednesday

Within the next probably two weeks, these animals will start going to events that we already have on our calendar, said Williams. We do four events, a weekend at the various PetSmarts in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Anyone who is interested in adopting from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue can visit the rescue’s website or follow one of its social media accounts to get more information about the adoption process

We are so grateful to everyone who has been part of this collaborative effort, from our partners on the ground in Louisiana to those helping here in Virginia, taking these pets into their shelters so they can be adopted,” said Cathy Bissell, founder of Bissell Pet Foundation. “This was a massive team effort with people all across the country helping each other, and while part of the work is finished, there is more to be done as we continue to help the displaced pets in Louisiana.