Child pornography is once again a topic in Portugal. According to recent information, the Public Ministry charges a man with more than eight thousand crimes of child pornography.

According to what was revealed, in the seized equipment it was possible to find “thousands of files with contents of sexual abuse committed against children aged between 10 and 16”.

According to the note posted on the website of the Attorney General's Office (PGR), “during the course of the investigation, various computer materials were seized from the defendant, namely computers, smartphones and hard drives, which, in some cases, had installed software programs. anonymous internet browsing and data sharing programs, which allowed accessing, saving and sharing video and image files”.

The MP, whose inquiry was directed by the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP) of Lisbon and had the collaboration of the Judiciary Police, added that the accused shared files of this type of content.

In the seized equipment it was possible to find "thousands of files with contents of sexual abuse committed against children aged between 10 and 16".

31 year old caught with 8TB of porn...

The accused is in preventive detention, promoting the Public Ministry to await the further terms of the process subject to that same coercive measure.

In addition to this case, there is another one that was revealed by the Judiciary Police (PJ). According to what is referred to, the PJ, through the ULIC of Évora, following a house search carried out in the municipality of Évora, arrested a 31-year-old man in flagrante delicto, presumably responsible for a number that has not yet been determined. , child pornography crimes.

The defendant, a regular user of various platforms on the internet where pornographic images and videos are accessed and shared, will have stored, over the past few years, numerous files containing pornography involving children under 14 years of age.

It should be noted that several electronic storage devices, with 8TB (terabytes) of capacity, containing thousands of image and video files of various pornography, which will now be subject to forensic computer forensics, were seized at the defendant's residence, to determine the exact amount of files.

The investigation originated in signaling carried out by an international organization.

The detainee, unemployed, residing in the municipality of Évora, without a criminal record, will be present at the first judicial interrogation for the application of coercive measures.

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