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An aerial bomb from the Second World War is defused in the Stormarn district in the morning. A total of 5,000 people in Oststeinbek and Glinde had to leave their houses and apartments. The start of the defuse is delayed.

The British 250-kilo bomb was found on a farm in the street Heidstücke. According to the city, a safety radius of around 1,000 meters has been set up around the site. The defusing was supposed to start at 10 a.m., but it was delayed because the evacuation took longer than expected. According to the police, children were found alone in one apartment – the father is now on his way back home from work to pick up the children. In addition, people with disabilities who have registered for a transport are still picked up. A man who was just released from the hospital and only returned home yesterday was also found in his apartment. He told the police that he hadn’t noticed anything about the action.

The detonator has to be blown up because it cannot be transported. The bomb clearers will later take the defused bomb with them to Kiel.

Many emergency services, several collection points

The defusing of the dud should take about an hour. According to a spokeswoman for the city of Glinde, around 250 helpers from the fire brigade, police, THW, ASB, DRK and disaster control as well as employees of the building yard are currently on duty in both places. In Glinde and Oststeinbek, around 50 people have been cared for in gyms since the morning. The German Red Cross also organized a breakfast in the meeting place in Oststeinbek. About 20 citizens take advantage of this offer. A total of around 3,000 people in Glinde and 2,000 people in Oststeinbek had to leave their houses and apartments.

Roads have been closed and residential areas evacuated since 7.30 a.m.

  • In the North: Glinde: Papendieker Redder from the waterworks, Oststeinbek: Willnbrook / Kampstrasse
  • In the West: Oststeinbek: Möllner Landstrasse near Stormarnstrasse and east of Wiesenweg
  • In the south: Glinde: Havighorster Weg, near Brücker Glinder Au, Oststeinbek: from Lägerfeld
  • In the East: Glinde: Tannenweg (on the west side), Möllner Landstraße (from the Star petrol station) and Havighorster Weg (on the west side)

Several citizen telephones set up

If you don’t have the opportunity to stay with friends or relatives, you can go to the Oststeinbeker Walter-Ruckert sports hall or the sports hall of the Tannenweg elementary school. Several citizen telephones are switched. For Glinde it is the telephone number 040/71002700, for Oststeinbek there are three extensions, namely 040/713003 -74, -38 and -63.

additional Information

Bombs are located and defused.  © NDR

Countless aerial bombs are still lying underground. If there is an indication of a dud, the men from the ordnance disposal service in Greater North Sea move up. A not exactly harmless job. more

Demolition master Peter Bodes with two bombs defused on the Heiligengeistfeld © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt

The munitions clearers in the north will still be busy defusing World War II ammunition for decades. Her life-threatening everyday life rarely makes headlines. more

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