A man who worked as a hotel concierge was denounced for the alleged sexual abuse of an eight year old girl that, along with his delegation, had arrived in the Chaco capital from Mar del Plata to participate in a national artistic gymnastics tournament.

The complaint was filed by the victim’s mother on October 29 at the second police station. According to his account, that morning the accused, Raúl Oscar Cáceres, entered room 219 where his daughter and three other companions were.

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A security camera recorded the concierge as he left the juvenile room. (Photo: courtesy of Diario Norte).

“The concierge went to the room several times and on one occasion stayed eight minutes and one of the girls says that she unfastened the button on her pants ”, assured the lawyer representing the victim’s family, Pablo Vianello, after reviewing the videos of the hotel’s security camera.

On the other hand, the lawyer confirmed to North newspaper that before returning to Buenos Aires the girl was examined by a forensic doctor and although no injuries were found, “There are signs of a traumatic event.”

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Vianello reported that Cáceres was kicked out “with cause” from the hotel a few hours after the fact, and remarked: “We hope that the pertinent measures are taken to be able to protect, above all, the investigation, taking into account that the person was fired from his job, that is, today he has much less roots of the that counted at the beginning, and above all until we have a Gesell Chamber and we know well the degree of damage to the minor ”.

“We do not know if there are other complaints about this person, it is what we are investigating, but clearly a person who does not have a family, a person who does not have a job, it is very possible that he may run away and that we today when we first understand the seriousness of the fact we no longer have the defendant in sight and this is what worries us and concerns the whole family ”, finally explained the lawyer, who already requested the immediate arrest of the suspect.

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