After facing Michael Myers six times, the last in ‘Halloween Kills’, it is clear that nothing scares Jamie Lee Curtis in front of the cameras and in fact the actress believes that the time has come to change sides. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Curtis expressed his desire to participate in the new ‘The Exorcist’ films that Blumhouse is preparing and has even chosen his ideal role: the devil.

Although between ‘Halloween night’, ‘The fog’, ‘Prom Night’ and ‘The train of terror’, Curtis became the scream queenshe’s had enough of fighting death and being the final girl and considers that by now he deserves to be the very embodiment of evil: “Maybe it should be the voice of the devil, like Mercedes McCambridge”, say Curtis. “If David gives me a role in the new ‘The Exorcist’ trilogy as the voice of the devil, for me it would be like closing the circle, in a meta way. It would blow people away.” The most curious thing is that, and according to the same article, when at the age of 15 his parents (Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis) put the film on him, he was so scared that all his friends laughed at it: “I hate that scary movies scare me”

Many parallels

Like the new ‘Halloween’ trilogy, those of ‘The Exorcist’ are also planned in three films, They will also be directed by David Gordon Green and will also pick up right where the original 1973 film left off, ignoring the rest of the sequels. At least the first of them will be starring Leslie Odom Jr and the return of Ellen Burstyn, Regan’s mother, as Chris MacNeil has been announced.

However, according to EW, Curtis has not come to share this idea with Green who when he found out he said: “I would have to cast her. She made the baby cry on the last of ‘Halloween,’ so it’s clear she’s also talented as a voice actress.”. If he gets the part in the end, hopefully he won’t have to suffer as much as McCambridge did, who had to eat raw eggs, smoke nonstop, and drink a lot of whiskey to make his voice as hoarse and harsh as possible. And it is that for something Orson Welles considered it at the time “the best living radio actress in the world”.


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