Adam Driver He is one of the actors of the moment. To their 38 years, the American has just released House of Gucci, the long-awaited film inspired by the murder of Maurizio Gucci, which he brings to life in fiction. However, his professional career was very far from acting until an accident changed everything.

Adam Driver is taking the film industry by storm thanks to roles like Kylo Ren, on The awakening of the force, the last installment of the saga Star Wars, O Jacques Le Gris, his character in The last duelby Ridley Soctt. Now it comes to the rooms with House Of Gucci, a film in which he stars alongside Lady Gaga and in which he gives life to the famous murdered designer.

His first acting role came in 2010, when Adam was 27 years old. However, his first contact with the world of the arts, specifically singing and the piano, came a long time ago, when he was just a child.

His traumatic relationship with the church

Adam grew up in San Diego, California. There her father, Joe, was Baptist youth counselor; and her mother, Nancy, was playing the piano at a local church. Therefore, Adam’s childhood was marked by a strong religious education.

Already at that time, the actor began to develop his artistic gifts singing in the church choir, and also learned to play the piano thanks to his mother. And although in more than one interview he has confessed that he has very good memories of his childhood, everything changed when his parents divorced when he was a seven-year-old boy.

Driver moved with his mother and older sister to his grandparents’ house in Mishawaka, USA. There their mother introduced them to the Twin City Baptist Church, a toxic religious community that it had little to do with the Los Angeles Baptist Church that had given him so many good times.

As Driver has explained in an interview for The Newyorker, the church pastor forbade his mother to marry Rodney G. Wright, her high school boyfriend with whom she had rejoined decades later: “I remember this idiot yelling at my mother, saying, ‘No wonder your husband left you!”

In addition, he recalled other episodes such as when a girl from the youth congregation accused the pastor’s wife of being a lesbian and a great conflict in the community.

Although his family left that community, they joined another in which his stepfather was a preacher and homeschooling became much stricter and exclusively religious.

Despite his turbulent relationship with the church, Adam developed his passion for the arts there. After his experience singing in the church choir and playing the piano, Adam wanted to enroll in Juilliard, the prestigious American school of music, dance and theater in New York. Unfortunately, his request was rejected.

Enlisted as a Marine after 9/11

Adam’s motivations changed overnight after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. At that moment, Driver decided enlist as a marine motivated by a great feeling of defense towards his homeland.

For two years and eight months, Adam served his country as a Marine until a mountain bike accident he truncated his career as a military man. The interpreter broke the sternum and he discharged just as his battalion was going to be dispatched to the Iraq war.

The accident that triggered his acting career

After the accident and his discharge from the military, Adam resumed the idea of ​​dedicating himself to acting and enrolled at the University of Indianapolis, from where he again applied to enter Juilliard. On this occasion, his application was accepted after an audition and he was able to begin to fulfill his dream.

In 2010 he did some supporting roles for the series Law&Order, The Wonderful Maladys and The Unusuals, but it was undoubtedly his role as Adam Sackler in the famous tv series Girls, starring Lena Dunham, the one that catapulted him to fame.

About discreet marriage to Joanne Tucker

Adam Driver He has always been very suspicious of talking about his private life. In 2013 it was learned that he had secretly married the actress, too Joanne Tucker, but it is not known exactly how many years they have been together. Later, and from an interview she gave in 2019, it was learned that they had married in Bermuda, place where she was born although she moved to the United States when she was four years old.

Adam and Joanne met at the prestigious school Juilliard. and they also coincided in the series Girls, where they starred in the chapter Hello Kitty in 2016. They also worked together again on the film The Report in 2019.

So far from the spotlight they want to take their marriage, that his son’s existence was not known in common up to two years after being born. Neither of them said anything about becoming parents, and it was a slip by Tucker’s sister, who made her Instagram account public momentarily, which led to the portal Page Six spread that in one of the images you could see the baby’s head from the back.

Later, Driver spoke about it during an interview in which he confessed that they had decided to keep the birth of his son “as a military secret” and that despite his paternity, his wife continued to be his top priority: “I am a husband and a father. Exactly in that order. I have made that very clear to my son. He is second in everything“.

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