Not only basketball, movies, social engagement, but now also clothing and sports material designed for football. LeBron James – who knows Liverpool well, of which he is already a shareholder and active, through Fenway Sport Group, in the commercial strategies of the club – he will work with Nike in the coming months to sign sports equipment related to the Reds: “We are producing a line of products designed as a meeting point between LeBron and Liverpool”, explained Tom Werner, president of the English club in recent days. “Nike is creating seven or eight products that will connect the Lakers player with football. We do not have the final details yet, but the goal is to bring out some material that is comparable with the connection that Michael Jordan has with Nike ”.

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Important words that they hope to follow up with facts, after Liverpool decided in 2019 to abandon the sponsorship of New Balance and accept the multi-million dollar deal with Nike who has big things planned for one of the most successful teams in the world of football. The connection with James was natural, also because the No. 6 of the Lakers holds shares for about 2% of the club, as well as being a huge fan of the Reds on social media. The mention of Michael Jordan made many think a what happened with Paris Saint-Germain starting from 2018, since that is when the brand linked to MJ started producing the kits of the French team receiving, according to indiscretion never confirmed by the person concerned, about 5% on each shirt sold. Instead we will see how things go with LeBron.


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