A 42-year-old man tried to prosper in Szigetszentmiklós in his own illegal way, which he solved by committing a crime against 10 property in the space of a few months. Every time he crashed, he tried to drive his own car out of the yard of a local shop the last time he got stuck, but the police also stopped to help.

John K. found a number of devices that had been linked to previous crimes. Runpaid cigarettes, fishing rods, sports shoes, mobile phone, rear-view mirror, but also as a mirror.

But as it turned out, there were so many other things on the criminal record that even the cops were amazed. For example, he threatened his ex-wife and his new partner with an ax, which is why the court ordered him to stay away. He locked his acquaintance in the apartment because he had lost the 10,000 forints that the other man had taken into the rent. He wanted to leave the spa free of charge after going through the restaurant’s offerings and then taking a hot tub and sauna.

At his interrogation, he complained about the suspicion, did not make a substantive statement, and pleaded not guilty. He was nevertheless arrested for violating personal liberty, harassment, invasion of privacy, suspected of theft, arbitrary seizure and vandalism of a vehicle, as well as fraud.

(via Police.hu)

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