Featured as a benchmark on the bottom line. Thus ended the fans of River Plate clapping Paulo Díaz on the 4-0 win over Racing, which allowed him to shout football champion of the Argentine Professional League, directed by Marcelo Gallardo.

The national team spent the entire game on the court and was applauded by the fans, despite the fact that in the first half he made a mistake that almost cost them dearly, but, despite everything, he took the joy of a new title.

“Very happy with how it happened. Obviously you want to win and win well. Today we managed to do it, we came with many games with many goals, but it is the reward of what was done in the year”Diaz commented in ESPN.

For the Chilean defender, the important thing is that they managed to show the game that their coach asks of them and, with that, they mark important differences with the other teams in the league.

“We were very forceful, in the last time we made a lot of goals with a wide difference in the game. This is the result of the work that is done throughout the year. I want to congratulate the boys who quickly joined the idea of ​​Marcelo, so this is the result of all the colleagues and the group, “says Díaz.

Something that also stands out in his personal career, despite the fact that several parties were away due to problems after Covid-19 and other physical, the national team is happy to regain ground and shout champion.

“I felt very good, even after the injury I had my performance dropped, but I think it’s normal. But I did a great championship and the prize is here“, says the defender.

Although he was in full celebration, in Argentina they asked him for the next year, if it can be a complete cardboard for him continue in River and get qualification for the World Cup with the Red.

“You want the dream of qualifying for the World Cup, but we are going step by step. This is little by little and I hope it happens in the best way, being here or anywhere, but today I enjoy what River is, “he closes.

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