The choreographer was a guest today to judge a new competition between dancers, but the result was disastrous

Today Marcello Sacchetta was a guest ad Friends 21 to draw up a new ranking of dancers. During the daytime the internal dance competition was aired and the last in the standings faces a challenge. What happens to the singers in the Sunday episode, in short, only for the dance takes place during the week and is broadcast in the daytime. The staff of Maria De Filippi chose Marcello for a new competition with a very particular theme: experiencing emotions. The students chose an emotion to bring to the stage through dance, with an improvisation or in any case a choreography created by them. Will they have succeeded? The answer is no, indeed the result was a real disaster.

First of all, there were only five dancers in the competition and not six, because Mattia was suspended. The others didn’t do very well: the votes of Marcello Sacchetta to the dancers of Amici 21 they went from 3 to 6. A not very wide and above all very low range. If he had given votes from 6 to 9 there would have been no controversy, instead see a 3 given to Carola sparked delirium on social networks. Fans of the dancer went wild and targeted Marcello, both commenting on Twitter and commenting on his profile Instagram.

They told him everything from a simple, understandable and acceptable “You disappointed me” up to much heavier words, with insults and offenses. According to some, Carola could give dance lessons to Marcello, others wrote that they did not know he was better than the masters of the Paris Opera, where Celentano’s pupil studied. There were even those who commented like this: “You sucked a little. Carola asphalts you and your girlfriend “. In short, it is clear that there are many hurled at Sacchetta to defend Carola, more than for the other votes.

Marcello has always been a much loved face of Friends, but we know that when a spectator becomes a fan of a TV personality, he is ready to defend him against everything and everyone, sometimes exaggerating. As it happened this time, for example, because the tones were raised unnecessarily and Sacchetta took insults for simply doing his job. And it certainly can’t be said that she doesn’t know about dance, whatever Carola’s fans may say. But something is missing from these fans.

Amici’s audience is used to seeing fairly high marks with other judges from outside. It being understood that each judge and each teacher has their own evaluation criteria, Marcello Sacchetta did not give Carola 3 as a dancer, but to his improvisation. All the dancers were unable to express the emotion chosen in the best possible way and Marcello chose not to be hypocritical in giving the votes. No one has questioned Carola’s talent as a dancer, which is beyond question and is expressed in a sublime way in the classic. Today the choreographer judged the emotion, not the technique and execution of the steps; there were errors in this too, by the way. This tried to explain on Instagram, where Marcello Sacchetta responded to the insults:

“Generally in a school, if a teacher gives an assignment and the class does not understand the assigned topic, it is clear that the average of all students will be low”

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