Kim Kardashian’s life changed forever when, in the spring of 2016, five armed men broke into her hotel room in the early hours of the morning. The gang threatened the porter, who, fearing for his life, was forced to open the door of celebrity, who was tied up by the men and placed in the bathroom tub while they unpacked their belongings. Jewelry and luxuries worth tens of millions of dollars were robbed, but Kardashian was most spiritually endured by the crime.

The identities of the robbers have not been revealed for years, but the news surfaced the other day that the French authorities had managed to move forward. Two judges indicted a total of 12 unknown people for organized armed robbery, kidnapping and participation in a violent criminal organization. The identities of the residents have not yet been made public, he wrote Perez hilton.

Kim Kardashian and his legal representation have not yet commented in any way on what happened. Celebrity in their reality show K as Kardashian in 2018 reflected on the experiences as follows:

Previously, I thought it determined what I was worth, how much I had. I thought, oh, I’m worth a lot. That had to change in me. Even if it was horrible and I wouldn’t wish on anyone, it changed me deep inside and I feel like I can get back to myself

Said the celebrity, who also admitted a year later that at the moment of the robbery, lying in the tub, he thought he would be killed.

(Cover photo by Kim Kardashian on January 18, 2020. Photo: Mario Anzuoni / File Photo / Reuters)

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