[News] The Queen ordered bagpipes: Elizabeth II

Britain became an employee of the Royal Air Force Chrissy Heary from the small English town of Melton Mowbray. It was behind her that the passage of a thousand-strong line, stretching for a kilometer, closed to Westminster Hall, where a popular farewell to Elizabeth II took place last Wednesday. Mrs. Khiri was the last person to receive the coveted bracelet at 10:40 pm on Sunday, a pass to the royal coffin.

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Everyone who stood behind her (including people who came with their chairs, blankets, and even sleeping bags, prepared to wait all night) were not a little disappointed, writes The Guardian. The next morning, September 19, came the day of the state funeral of the monarch with the participation of 500 foreign guests – kings, presidents, and other dignitaries from almost all over the world. It is known that even during her lifetime, Her Majesty made orders about the upcoming funeral ceremony.

The last time a state funeral was held in Britain was in 1965 when former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill died. However, the media admit that no event can be compared in scale with the farewell to Elizabeth II. The kingdom declared a state of emergency on Monday. All subjects took a day off, schools and universities, pubs and shops were closed. More than a hundred flights were canceled at London Heathrow Airport – firstly, due to the arrival of many VIP aircraft the day before, and secondly, “so that the roar of aircraft does not interfere with the funeral of the queen.

Police, intelligence and anti-terror units are coordinating what may be the largest security operation London has ever conducted. According to a police spokesman, the task is “extremely difficult” and is unlike anything in the history of the city – not even the Queen’s platinum jubilee (70th anniversary on the throne. – NEWS.ru) in June this year or the Olympic Games in 2012. Kilometer-long barriers were created, drones were raised into the sky, motorcycle escorts, mounted police, and dog training units were deployed on the streets. More than 10,000 law enforcement officers are called upon to maintain order. There are snipers on the rooftops, writes Spiegel online.

The day before, monarchs and members of the royal families of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East arrived in the British capital, including the Emperor of Japan Naruhito and his wife Empress Masako (this is their first trip abroad after ascending the throne in 2019), King Abdullah II of Jordan with Queen Rania and Danish Queen Margrethe II, who last week celebrated her 50th birthday on the throne, but was unable to properly celebrate it due to the death of Elizabeth II, her second cousin. Among the VIP guests are US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill, who flew to Britain on Saturday, French head Emmanuel Macron (the Elysee Palace said that his trip to the funeral marks the “unbreakable bond between France and Britain” and a tribute to the “eternal Queen ”), Presidents of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Italy Sergio Mattarella, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his colleagues from Brazil, Israel, South Africa. Also, the first lady of Ukraine, Elena Zelenskaya, flew to London.

As always in such cases, the media was much more interested not in those who came to London, but in those who were absent from the funeral. Contrary to assumptions, the crown prince and de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, nevertheless received an invitation (which caused outrage among human rights activists who recalled the case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi), but he remained in Riyadh, sending another prince from the dynasty to London instead of himself Saudi Arabia. China was not represented at the funeral by Xi Jinping, but by Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan. Those states with which Britain has “particularly tense relations” were invited at the ambassadorial level – Iran, Nicaragua and North Korea. Finally, Russia, Belarus, Syria, Venezuela, Myanmar and Taliban-controlled Afghanistan (an organization banned in the Russian Federation as a terrorist organization) did not receive invitations at all.