[NEWS] The Cabinet of Ministers of Germany nationalized

Government transferred Rosneft’s subsidiaries to the national energy regulator, follows from a press release published on the website of the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection. Thus, the agency received shares in three oil refineries: PCK Schwedt, MiRo and Bayernoil

Based on the energy security law, the federal government today transferred Rosneft Deutschland GmbH (RDG) and RN Refining & Marketing GmbH (RNRM) under the control of the Federal Grid Agency , the report says .

Rosneft Deutschland combines a total of about 12% of Germany’s refining capacity, making it one of the largest companies in the industry. The ministry explained the transfer of enterprises to the national regulator by the fact that “critical” enterprises operating in the service sector, information technology, suppliers, insurance companies, banks and former clients no longer wanted to cooperate with either oil refineries with the participation of Rosneft, or with the German subsidiaries themselves. Rosneft companies.

Back in March , it was reported that the Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection of Germany, Robert Habek, began to work out a plan to nationalize the German enterprises of Gazprom, fearing a possible cessation of the supply of Russian energy resources. In addition to the minister, other senior officials are also developing a plan to abandon Russian energy resources, who have proposed expropriating and nationalizing subsidiaries of Gazprom and Rosneft. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov called the development of such a decision unacceptable, emphasizing that it was adopted as part of a “gangster seizure of property”, which occurs, among other things, by seizing private property and funds in bank accounts.

On August 28, it became known that the German authorities created a holding company to carry out the possible nationalization of the former German subsidiary of Gazprom, SEFE (Securing Energy for Europe, until 2022 it was called Gazprom Germania GmbH). The company was created secretly in order to carry out the nationalization quickly.