[News] Polish gamedev industry to submit further proposed

This War of Mine is the internationally award-winning production of 11 bit studios that confronts the player with the grim realities of war. His job is to lead a group of surviving civilians who try to survive in a devastated city engulfed by conflict. “The Game of Ciphers” is, in turn, a gaming project of the Institute of National Remembrance, which describes the course of the Polish-Bolshevik war of 1920 and the influence of Polish cryptology on its victorious final

We have many studios that produce video games and here we can boast a number comparable to, for example, the size of this industry in Germany. We are recognized as one of the world leaders, our games bring great cultural value. “The Witcher” or “This War of Mine” are world bestsellers that promote our culture and our country around the world – says Justyna Orłowska.

According to the data cited by MEiN, the value of the Polish gaming market was estimated at nearly PLN 2.5 billion in 2020. The productions of Polish developers are gaining more and more recognition from the international community of players and reviewers. They are also one of the main Polish export hits.

Video game exports account for a significant proportion of total exports and a huge added value for the economy. Therefore, it is very important here to support the development of this sector from the central level, from the administration level. This is an industry based on talented individuals, and in Poland we have the second largest number of technical graduates in the European Union – says the expert.

As shown in the last year’s report “The game industry of Poland”, prepared by PARP, universities in Poland currently offer 60 fields of study related to the computer games industry, and more than half of them educate programmers. Over the last several years, the gamedev industry has developed on a huge scale, and Polish computer games are becoming not only more popular, but also more complex – both in the visual and fictional layers. New titles appear, often created by small, independent developers, which surprise with interesting concepts and gain recognition on the international market.