[News] Montenegro an unknown person shot random passers

On August 10, police officers opened fire on the territory of the French airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris. The security forces reportedly used weapons against a man who threatened them with a knife. The attacker was several times required to put a cutting object on the floor, but he ignored the request.

An armed man opened fire on passers-by in the town of Cetinje in Montenegro, according to the In4s portal. At least 11 people were killed, including children. According to the portal, a policeman was also wounded, while the shooter himself died: there is no reliable information yet about whether he was liquidated by the security forces or committed suicide.

The shooting took place in the village of Medovina. It is reported that the offender walked through the streets, shooting oncoming local residents. According to some reports, he also did not give assistance to the wounded.

Police confirmed to the publication that 11 people were killed in the incident, and six were injured. According to investigators, the cause of the incident could be a family conflict, after which the attacker went to shoot passers-by on the street.